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Funny to think of myself as a photographer. I was caught up in Silicon Valley madness for 32 years primarily in the online marketing space. I pivoted into new things and added taking photographs to my bird watching hobby. The legal rights of women, local politics and bird habitat conservation are other passions, keeping me busy in this encore stage of my careers. I have happily lived in the Willows, Menlo Park, CA since our son was born 27 years ago and spend time in Whistler, BC when we can get across the border. 



Growing up we had a Peterson's field guide and my Dad would point out birds, snakes and animals that visited our cottage outside Ottawa, Canada. My husband and I kept a book from our honeymoon onwards (29 years). I am now an active, some would say obsessed, citizen/community scientist; regularly counting and reporting the birds that I see wherever I am in the world. Ah - my Life List!

Thank you for reaching out! I'll be in touch. Barbara
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