From the Photographer

"Funny to think of myself as a photographer"Part of the 'brain drain' from Canada; I moved from Ottawa, Ontario to Palo Alto, CA in the 80s. I was caught up in Silicon Valley madness for 32 years, primarily in the online marketing space. I pivoted into new things and added taking photographs to my bird watching hobby. The legal rights of women, local politics and bird habitat conservation are other passions keeping me busy in this encore stage of my careers. I have happily lived in the Willows, Menlo Park, CA since our son was born 30 years ago and spend time in Whistler, BC. Ironically, my son, lives in Ottawa. Growing up we had a Peterson's field guide and my Dad would point out birds, snakes and animals that visited our cottage. The property was just outside Ottawa, Canada. Keeping up the tradition, My husband and I kept a species count in a Peterson's North American Bird book starting from our honeymoon onwards (1992).

Adding Fantasy

For this exhibit I have moved to photos that have some fantasy elements. These sunset photos at Pismo Beach, California include giant bubbles that were being created by a woman on the bluff.
Bubbles over Pismo Beach 1
Bubbles over Pismo Beach

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