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Spending time in Canada Birding

I am super lucky to be escaping the insanity of America and American politics to spend sometime in the relatively sane world of British Columbia (not sure about the rest of Canada).

Such fun. Not many birds around this time of year but lots of very very knowledgable birders.

I took the train from Seattle to Vancouver before driving north to Whistler. The fields in Sagit Valley , Washington were teeming with Trumpeter Swans (yes really!) and Snow Geese. When I landed in Vancouver I took a detour to Iona Beach Regional Park for some Snow Geese watching.

Snow Geese
Snow Geese

During my time here in December, the international Audubon event called the Christmas Bird Count takes place and wanted to meet the Whistler area birders. Done! Such a privilege to meet the infamous Chris Dale of eBird and Squamish fame. Next Pemberton CBC.

While there aren't many birds up in the ski area this time of year, the scenery is spectacular.

I'll be back in the Spring (May) to really see birds.


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