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A Bird Nerd All The Way

There are times when you know you are a new kind of nerd. I have been called a engineering nerd, a software nerd, a marketing nerd, a soccer nerd (substitute geek anytime you like here), and now...a bird nerd.

I will be guiding tours and speaking to the following groups in the next month:

- West Valley College (San Jose) Natural Resources class

- All Saints' Episcopal Church Birding Club

- local Scouts' troop

- all out of towners for my 60th birthday

I am also pleased to be becoming an Board committee member for the San Francisco Bay Bird Observatory (

Bird Nerd!

I think the biggest thing that made me call myself that was two days ago when I was wandering around the Palo Alto Baylands and saw not 2 but 4 !FOUR!! Blue-winged Teals. Seeing John's favorite bird is always exciting but lots of people, including me, had seen the pair this winter but nobody had seen 4! I was in bird nerd heaven.

So follow me on twitter where I really nerd out and, yes, kept my old handle from other nerd days @webmama.

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