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2021 End of Year Summary - Barb's Birding Statistics

It was exciting to add some of the Pacific Ocean pelagic birds to my list this year because of two major trips: one out of San Diego and one out of Half Moon Bay. All travel was still limited to North America but there were still plenty of birds to see, almost all of which were here, once again, in California.


Total Species Seen in 2021 Worldwide 262 (238*)

Total Species Seen in 2021 US 243 (223*)

Total Species Seen in 2021 California 232 (220*)

New Species added to list in 2021 21 (28*)

Life List (# of species I have seen in my lifetime) 566 (545*)

* numbers in brackets are 2020

Some of the species added this year:

Hard to believe but eBird tells me that I submitted 265 checklists to them (citizen/community science at work) in 2021 with 668 photos. If you would like to get involved in helping track/identify and obsess over birds, please feel free to reach out to me or visit eBird Information at Cornell University. A sampling of the 2021 photos followings.

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