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Birds, Ruins, Wine, Hot Air Balloons, BMWs, Dirndls, Tennis, & lots of miles....

August 25th I fly to Seville. I've been there before and I remember it was 105F. This time it will be only 100F. No matter! I'm ready for walk-about.

Just under 5 weeks - all contained in Western Europe and England. I'll keep up this travel blog to entertain myself when not taking a siesta to escape the heat, sleeping off a wine tasting from a grand cru winery in Montrachet, coming down from the excitement of touring the BMW factory, or recovering from cheering on Nadal to beat Djokovic one more time.

I'll photograph the trip! I'll put a few on Instagram (barbaraccoll) but it will all be here too (mostly for me!) so I can message the link to everyone for those that want to follow my journey.


A little nervous, very excited. Packing it all into two carry-on sized bags! (yes, shopping and shipping along the way). Onwards!


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