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End of Year Summary - Barb's Bird Stats

So 2020 comes to an end. With travel a little light (to say the least), I was surprised that I saw more bird species in 2020 than 2019. Of course, they were almost ALL in California and in 4 counties at that.


Total Species Seen in 2020 Worldwide 238 (*232)

Total Species Seen in 2020 US 223 (*216)

Total Species Seen in 2020 California 220 (*187)

New Species added to list in 2020 28

Life List (# of species I have recorded seeing) 545

* numbers in brackets are 2019

White-headed Woodpeckers
White-Headed Woodpeckers - King's Beach Tahoe, California - New Life Bird for 2020

Some of the species added this year:

Ross's Goose (Merced, CA)

Willow Flycatcher (Squamish, BC)

Swamp Sparrow (Palo Alto, CA)

White-headed Woodpecker (King's Beach, Tahoe, CA)

Tropical Kingbird (Palo Alto, CA)

Vesper Sparrow (Okanagan Falls, BC)

Lazuli Bunting (Palo Alto, CA)

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