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Flamingos in Jerez, Spain

3 days in Spain and I have fulfilled a few wishes already:

  1. I have seen and photographed (without much blur) Greater Flamingos

  2. I have added to my Life List (bird species I have never seen before). I have actually added over 59 in 2 days and 102 species in total!

I am traveling with a Birding Guide who was born in the Canary Islands and

currently lives on the most southern tip of Spain - Tarifa (A place we will spend 4 days later in the week) and a couple from Ireland. So lucky to have such a small group.

I thought the hotels would be small and plain but actually quite nice even with the racetrack outside the second hotel. (nope, didn’t go visit!)

This journey is really all about a visual experience of Europe so here are some photos. But first a map of where I was today.

We are heading out on the water tomorrow from Cadiz for 4-6 hours to look for Europe’s version of Skau and other pelagic birds.

Birds featured in video:

- Glossy Ibis

- Pallid Swift

- Woodchat Shrike

- Northern Lapwing

- Yellow-crowned Bishop

- Greater Flamingo

- Common Redshank

- White Stork