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How Many Birds???!!! (Spain Final Stats Just for My Records)

On September 7th, 2022 I said goodbye to Malaga, Spain (and the end of the Spanish part of my European Tour) and Bonjour to France. I wanted to share the final birding stats and my top bird photos:

178 species; 124 life birds

Top experience: 600+ White Storks flying over my head migrating from the most southern tip of Spain in Tarifa to just east of Tangier in Morocco.

Next top Experience: the complete surprise of seeing this amazing wall of rock with Vultures swooping around it and blond coloured Egyptian Vultures feeding their young.

Rarest bird: Northern Bald Ibis, only 30 pairs in the world; we saw 15 birds at one spot. Also, we saw the only Common Bulbul in Europe.

I want to thank our amazing guide Yeray Seminario from Birding the Strait. From the Little Owl to the Spanish Imperial Eagle he knew where to take us to see them.


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