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Out on the Ocean - Birds, Whales, Dolphins Oh My!

The Dolphins upstaged the Birds - yes they did.

I was lucky to take two whale watching/pelagic bird voyages in a week: San Diego out of Mission Bay* on September 1st and out of Half Moon Bay^ on September 4th. Both trips were magnificent and totally different. On both trips I added birds to my life list- bird species I had never seen before including: South Polar Skua, Buller's Shearwater and Long-Tailer Jaeger.

Birds , Whales, Dolphins



It is super hard to take pictures of fast moving birds from a fast moving boat, on the ocean even with my new camera, but here are a few of the better ones:


Blue Whale off the coast of Mission Bay, San Diego, CA

In San Diego I saw TWO Blue Whales, the largest thing on earth. The rise out of the water like apartment buildings. 100 ft in length. We were about 10 miles offshore on a beautiful sunny day.

Fin Whales over Pioneer Canyon near Half Moon Bay, California

Just entering Pioneer Canyon about 15 miles off Half Moon Bay, California we saw TWO Fin Whales, about 70 feet each.


I saved the best for last. GREATER than 1000 dolphins. Enjoy these pictures and videos. I still can't believe the spiritual aspect and serenity of the moment.

2 minute video - please watch in a quiet place... It is followed by a few shorter videos. Please let me know your thoughts.

*San Diego Whale Watch Company

^Alvaro Adventures from Half Moon Bay

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