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Spain Hasn’t Been All About Birds

This is an amazing part of Europe; Andalusia, Cadiz, Malaga provinces in Spain. Before I write the final blog about the birding trip, I wanted to post some pictures that weren’t about birds and some location information so that people would/could consider traveling here, or just enjoy the scenery (and some food pictures for Szimi) vicariously.

The Town of Casares

There are White Cities connected via roads in the tip of Spain. When you are a visitor it seems like they creep up on you and each time they take your breath away.

While we were looking for birds, we kept track of the animals, butterflies, mammals and other interesting non-birds we saw. Here are a few:

And my traveling companions and myself.

The other birders were from Ireland and Yeray is a biologist/veterarian who works with Birding the Strait and takes an active role in land and bird conservation in Spain. He was a marvelous and relentless guide!

The water brings up something that was special. The pelagic trips in the Strait and out on the Atlantic. We definitely saw more than birds between Spain and Africa. Pilot Whales and Bottlenose Dolphins, as well as Ocean Sunfish and Blue Fin Tuna.

Much of Southern Spain is made of limestone. The mountains are about 1000 meters at their highest where we have been. The effect of water and wind (which are famous in Tarifa) makes for dramatic landscapes. Full of vultures, eagles, and birdwatchers.

Food and Wine played a key role. I didn’t realize prior to the trip that we would be staying in interesting and excellent hotels and eating 3 meals a day; good meals. Meals will lots of salt! While we didn’t drink much wine, what we did drink was excellent and we always choose Spanish wines of course.

On our last night, we toured the city of Ronda. It is truly one of the wonders of the world.

More on the final bird count later. Resting in Malaga, Spain right now.


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