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A Few Snippets from the WebMama Journals


The WebMama Journal was my way of communicating with clients, followers, and potential clients. It was a lead generation program but it was also one of three primary methods of giving away all my knowledge. The other two being through speaking at conferences and white papers. 

By giving away everything I knew, a strategic move, I was perceived as the expert in ALL things not just those I wrote or presented. 

Businesses hired me and my company because they 'knew' that I had the knowledge beyond what I wrote or presented!

WebMama's Journal
September 15, 1999 Number 1

I recognized very early on that AMAZON was a search engine

Welcome to the 1st edition of the WebMama's journal. A newsletter of web site promoting and marketing tips, statistics, and links. Every two weeks I will try to bring you useful information on the web - where to get the information and tools that you need to better market, promote, and drive traffic to your web site. Please forward this journal around the office.

****** edited by Barbara Coll, incorporated, President ***********

Did you know that only 16% of the web (max) is indexed by any of the search engines (altavista, infoseek, excite, lycos, yahoo, etc), at any given time. This means that if you aren't submitting your site and tracking your position in the search engines on a regular basis, you are losing traffic. This is free marketing at its best since 85% of web surfers use search engines to locate and buy goods or to research decisions. 



4.5% of visitors to online retail sites purchased items last month. was #1 with 789,000 projected home-based buyers, was 2nd with 314,000 and 3rd with 289,000 projected buyers. 4.5% is a pretty good close rate. The following company can help you close more - - with sophisticated internet marketing promotions, sweepstakes, and affiliate marketing.

In July 1999 the top 10 web sites (based on unique visitors) were:

1. AOL network (subscribers and (by far and not to be forgotten!)
2. YAHOO sites
3. Microsoft sites
4. Lycos
5. Go network
6. Excite network
7. Time Warner online
8. Amazon
9. Go2Net network
10. Altavista

WebMama's Journal
October 14, 1999 Number 3

A recent study shows the heaviest users of the World Wide Web are also avid consumers of traditional media. According to research by Dr. Roberta McConochie,a director at Arbitron NewMedia. "... we find that the Web is often used in conjunction with radio and television." She said this points to the possibility of some cross-media promotion and programming. FYI - For network television, "The Simpsons" is the most-watched show by heavy Web users, the research said.

URL/Web Site Promoting Tip: AOL is using a new search engine to drive its new SEARCH capabilities on and its proprietary websites. This search engine is a netscape database called Open Directory Project ( - don't forget to tell them about your website.

WebMama's Journal
November 10, 1999 Number 4

GOOGLE.COM is the hot new and really fast search engine. Submit your web site to them now at

Don't forget about AOL: WebSideStory reported Friday that Web users accessing sites which use its traffic analysis technology are almost five times more likely to be coming through America Online (AOL) as any other access provider. "AOL is clearly dominant," said WebSideStory founder Blaise Barrelet. Information published at WebSideStory's ( show 15.19 percent of monitored Web surfers used access provided by AOL while the nearest competitor, UUNet, provided access to only 3.38 percent.


WebMama's Journal
November 24, 1999 Number 5

Search Engine Traffic Tip of the Week:

If you are in the consumer play (not a Business-to-Business web site), then check out bidding on the highest position based on keywords and phrases in the search results of http://www.GOTO.COM. Their administration web site for bidding and reporting on your positions is superb, an excellent example for those of your developing internet services that require the customer/client to self-manage their account. They also supply an excellent page that let's you see how many searches were made for your keywords and, at the same time, gives you other phrases similar to your keyword that users entered. Check it out at: One of my clients is averaging 5000 click throughs a week for under $1 a click through - based on the phrases/keywords I purchase and manage for them. Try searching for palm pilot and see what comes up!

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